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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What time do the doors open?

Doors open no later than 40 minutes prior to show time.

  • Is there handicapped parking available?

Handicap parking spaces are reserved on both the east and west side of the Orlin Trapp Auditorium, with access being somewhat easier from the west side. Approximately 60 vehicle spaces are marked for handicap parking for the concerts. Parking is free.

  • Is there general parking available?

Ample parking is available in a large parking lot to the east of the Orlin Trapp Auditorium and on streets adjacent to the school.

  • I am only interested in one of the concerts on your schedule. How do I obtain admittance?

Single concert tickets, when available, can be purchased via PayPal or credit card for pick up at the "will call" by bringing your PayPal receipt to the "will call" desk at the time of the concert. Alternately you may contact the membership secretary at 847-244-7465 or email the membership secretary for the "will call" pick up desk. Single concert tickets, when available, can also be purchased at the door just prior to the concert.

  • When will I receive my tickets?

All tickets will be at the Will Call desk at the first concert.

  • Are the seats reserved?

At this time, LCCCA does not have any reserved seats. All seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

  • How long are the concerts?

Each concert lasts approximately 2 hours.

  • Is it possible to greet the artists back stage?

General audience members are not permitted onstage or backstage. The artists frequently will be in the foyer to provide autographs and sign CDs and DVD's that they may have for sale.

  • Why are children under age 5 not permitted in the audience?

Young children cannot sit still for the full program and their behavior may become annoying to the audience sitting near them. Although children 5 and older are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian, the parent or guardian still must use their discretion in inviting the children to attend. The parent or guardian know their child's attention span and potential interest in the program. Regardless of age, if a child's behavior is disruptive, the usher will request that the child leaves the auditorium.

  • How does LCCCA select its artists?

LCCCA contacts with a professional artists' agent, Live On Stage in Nashville, TN. Live on Stage presents a roster of approximately forty highly talented, professional, internationally acclaimed artists or groups to the association. The LCCCA board selects six artists or groups for local presentation from various genres to interest a wide variety of musical tastes. All performances are family friendly. Occasionally, LCCCA will also bring in a Chicago area group of extremely high quality that performs in Lake County.

  • How can you provide quality artists and programs at such a low cost?

LCCCA operates on the "pre-paid audience" model. This model brings in the membership fees in a spring campaign. If sufficient membership fees come in to cover the operational costs for the following season, LCCCA contracts with the artists. Because LCCCA has a large membership and has a large venue, the operational cost that needs to be covered by each membership is very reasonable.

Throughout its history, LCCCA has never had to change its advertised artists due to insufficient memberships. Because the audience income is guaranteed, there is no need to hire people for promotion, box office costs, advertising, or seek a profit from one concert to cover the risk of poor attendance and financial loss of another concert. Thus LCCCA is able to operate with volunteers and maintain a very low overhead. Nearly every dollar received as membership income is spent on artist and auditorium use fees.

Because LCCCA operates on the "pre-paid audience" model, it is not dependent on ticket sales to individual concerts. However, when LCCCA does make tickets to a single concert available, the single ticket charge is what is customary for any concert presented by the world class artists at other venues that depend on single ticket sales. Our operational model encourages LCCCA patrons to become members and makes it possible for LCCCA to continue to operate with volunteers and low overhead as it has for all its years of existence.

Membership in LCCCA is a terrific value!

  • How can I get my favorite artist to perform for LCCCA?

Contact the president of LCCCA,

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